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Since the dawn of man, our primary concern has been to shelter ourselves—and now, in the 21st century, we have reached the pinnacle of building shelter for ourselves, or have we? Look into current sustainable building practices and discover how these ‘revolutionary’ developments were used over 1000 years ago in Mesa Verde by the Anasazi. Speak with current sustainable building professionals as well as archeologists and historians about what we have forgotten, and what we are still learning about living sustainably in the world.


Marc and Exposure Productions took the seed of a crazy idea and turned it into an innovative miniseries that’s raising funds and awareness for the Durango Discovery Museum. Exposure’s great strength has been to deliver with exceptional professionalism without forgoing insane creativity.

Haz Saïd – Durango Discovery Museum

The footage is GREAT. Thank you very much. Your attention to detail makes my job so much easier.

Lark Watts – Feature film director, owner Eppic Films

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